Reading, Week 15

Extra Credit Reading Notes: Crash Course Mythology Overview

Link by cross-stitch ninja from flickr This was a very interesting dive into mythology. Learning about the different types of mythologies was a lot of fun! Learning through a video was a great way for me to comprehend a rather broad overview. I'm pretty sure I'm an auditory learner. I agree that hero stories are an important section of mythology even though they aren't about the gods all the time. Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: Crash Course Myth: Overview of Mythology (

Reading, Week 15

Reading Notes: Ashliman Part 2

Death by Andrea Kirkby from flickr I really like the fairytale moral style. Death's Messages was my favorite story in this part. I knew something was up when I read that Death said he would send messengers. Sure enough, he wasn't talking about literal messengers but actually disease and sleep and the like. Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: Myth-Folklore Unit: Brothers Grimm (Ashliman) (

Reading, Week 15

Reading Notes: Ashliman Part 1

Raven by Alexandra MacKenzie from flickr I really enjoyed these tales. My favorite one was The Seven Ravens. I just really like how dedicated the sister was to finding where her brothers were and rescuing them. I'm not quite sure how her being there turned them back, but it's a heartwarming scene all the same. Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: Myth-Folklore Unit: Brothers Grimm (Ashliman) (

Reading, Week 14

Reading Notes: Dante’s Inferno Part 2

Dante_s Inferno by Gerard Van der Leun from flickr Satan in this story is very different than most interpretations. Most beliefs that I know of have him wandering around Earth tempting people, but in Inferno, he's trapped in ice. He is being punished himself. It's hard to comprehend just how massive he is though. I know of two of the people who are in his mouth (Judas and Brutus) but I'm unsure who the third is. Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: Myth-Folklore Unit: Dante's Inferno (

Reading, Week 14

Reading Notes: Dante’s Inferno Part 1

Abandon All Hope by rick from flickr I really love the story that Dante has written in the divine comedy though I haven't really read it before, just learned about it through other media. I think it's hilarious how Dante fan-girls over his favorite poet. It really reminds me of today's self-insert fanfictions that can be found all over the web. Plus, you can't go wrong with an afterlife tale! I just love them! Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: Myth-Folklore Unit: Dante's Inferno (

Reading, Week 13

Reading Notes: Canterbury Tales Part 1

Water meets rock by Paul Nadin from flickr These tales were very interesting. I really wasn't sure I was gonna like The Promise of Dorigen, but it turned out to be a very interesting tale. I didn't expect the squire to just give up and send her back to her love. While it's definitely messed up that he tried to trick her in the first place, I think the ending is nice as you get to see the magician take pity on him and clear him of debt. Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: Myth-Folklore Unit: Canterbury Tales

Reading, Week 12

Reading Notes: Beowulf Part 2

cave by Judith from flickr Grendel's description is kinda weird. It says that he looks human but not, basically. It's a very interesting way to describe him. A lot of the picture depictions in the reading show him having hair but the story makes it sound like he is covered in scales which honestly makes more sense seeing as how his mother lives underwater. I'm sure it's just a translation thing but the statement, "Grendel's monster-mother, avenging her monster-son." is just so funny to me. Beowulf being able to swim and fight under water is great. I can barely h

Reading, Week 12

Reading Notes: Beowulf Part 1

beowulf by Edward Badley from flickr Beowulf is a story I've heard of before and I know a the basic premise with Grendel and his mother but I've never really heard about this first half. One of the things that I found funny was the wanderer's song with I'd almost bet was actually sung at one point but was then just summarized by a storyteller that was no good at singing. It's really interesting to have the background to this tale. I would never though a "place of honor" could be at someone's feet. That's typically a place of humility or shame. And of course Beowulf has

Reading, Week 11

Extra Credit Reading Notes Gospel of Mark Part 2

Jesus by Michael Clark from flickr These stories of Jesus were always interesting to me. He curses the fig tree and throws the merchants out of the church. We find out about the greatest of the ten commandments and read the story of the woman who had only two coins to give. These tales are a great insight into how the Israelites view morality. We also have the betrayal of Judas and the crucifixion of Jesus. Even though Jesus predicted it, Judas' betrayal is a little strange as we don't get too much insight as to why he did it.

Reading, Week 11

Reading Notes: Alaskan Legends Part 2

foggy by Sam from flickr Once again we see the concept of animals being able to take off their skins and become human-like. I love it! I also really liked the tales of the ghost land and the land of the dead. Some of my favorite mythology is the ones that deal with the afterlife. In the land of the dead story, we follow a woman who has died and learn what happens to us right after we pass on; we're led by the last person we thought of to where our ancestors are. It was also nice to see the reference to ancestral sacrifices is what sustains them in the afterlife.