Story, Week 14

Week 14 Story: Frozen Hellscape

Ice & HDR by Mike Gifford As we entered the final layer of hell, an intense chill swept through my bones. While it surprised me, I had almost grown used to the strangeness of this place that was nothing like how I'd expected it to be. The small tunnel that acted as a gate between the two layers opened up to show a massive room that stretched out beyond my vision. The floor was ice, and it was dotted with people jutting out from it at various depths. Some people were in only up to their waist, others their chest, and some were positioned headfirst into the ice. There

Story, Week 13

Week 13 Story: The Misunderstanding

Elevators by Peter Fiskerstrand from flickr Kathryn skipped down the sidewalk. Her head was filled with the thoughts of her marriage ceremony last week. She had just married the love of her life, Jacob. In fact, she was on her way to see him right now. One of her clients at work had canceled, and Kathryn had found herself with a lot of extra time. She had decided to make a lunch for her and Jacob to enjoy on his lunch break. She arrived at the building and made for the elevator. After she had entered, a man quickly joined her as the doors were closing. "Sorry, sorry," t

Story, Week 12

Week 12 Story: The Silence of Night

Mist covered moon by Charlie from flickr This story is now updated and on my portfolio! Check it out here. As the night became late, Beowulf and his companions began to fortify the hall against the dangers of Grendal, a monster that they intended to lure in and slay. Beowulf, aware of the brutality of the previous acts, committed to not sleeping the entire night so that he might keep watch on his men. With preparations finished and the fires now but a warm glow, his men lay down in the various benches to get some rest before the fight. A silence fell over the hall

Story, Week 11

Week 11 Story: Spirit World

city by barnyz from flickr This story has been updated on my portfolio. Check it out here. After what felt like a very long time, I opened my eyes and saw the inside of a box. It took mere moments to realize this was a coffin. I was not panicked, however. I raised my arms and pushed, and the lid moved away with more ease than I had expected. After adjusting to the light, the first thing I saw was my late grandmother's smiling face. I was dead, wasn't I? I repeated this question out loud and received a chuckle from grandma. "Yes, you are dead." Her statement cau

Story, Week 5

Week 5 Story – The Bedtime Tale

The Goblin Tree by Adam Charnock from flickr This post is now on my portfolio! And so as night fell, I carried my daughter to her bed. Her tired eyes grew big as she said, "Father, please tell me more of the story." I chuckled as I pulled the sheets over her. "Oh, alright, but just a bit." Her face lit up, and I sat down on the bed and continued the tale I had started many nights ago. "Where was I? Ah, yes, I made my way back to that tree, still determined to keep the promise I made with the monk. I took the goblin down from the tree once again and slung him o