Reading, Week 11

Extra Credit Reading Notes Gospel of Mark Part 2

Jesus by Michael Clark from flickr These stories of Jesus were always interesting to me. He curses the fig tree and throws the merchants out of the church. We find out about the greatest of the ten commandments and read the story of the woman who had only two coins to give. These tales are a great insight into how the Israelites view morality. We also have the betrayal of Judas and the crucifixion of Jesus. Even though Jesus predicted it, Judas' betrayal is a little strange as we don't get too much insight as to why he did it.

Story, Week 11

Week 11 Story: Spirit World

city by barnyz from flickr This story has been updated on my portfolio. Check it out here. After what felt like a very long time, I opened my eyes and saw the inside of a box. It took mere moments to realize this was a coffin. I was not panicked, however. I raised my arms and pushed, and the lid moved away with more ease than I had expected. After adjusting to the light, the first thing I saw was my late grandmother's smiling face. I was dead, wasn't I? I repeated this question out loud and received a chuckle from grandma. "Yes, you are dead." Her statement cau

Reading, Week 11

Reading Notes: Alaskan Legends Part 2

foggy by Sam from flickr Once again we see the concept of animals being able to take off their skins and become human-like. I love it! I also really liked the tales of the ghost land and the land of the dead. Some of my favorite mythology is the ones that deal with the afterlife. In the land of the dead story, we follow a woman who has died and learn what happens to us right after we pass on; we're led by the last person we thought of to where our ancestors are. It was also nice to see the reference to ancestral sacrifices is what sustains them in the afterlife.

Reading, Week 11

Reading Notes: Alaskan Legends Part 1

Untitled (raven transformation mask) by A.Davey from flickr It's fascinating to see how they portray the animals like Raven in this story. We see animals used as characters in a lot of mythology, especially in North America. The animals are typically given human traits, but for the most part, the stories treat them as if they are just animals. I was surprised when I read that Raven could take off his mask and take on a human form. It really changes how I view the animals in these stories. As we see Raven interacting with the others in these tales, he could be in human