Story, Week 12

Week 12 Story: The Silence of Night

Mist covered moon by Charlie from flickr This story is now updated and on my portfolio! Check it out here. As the night became late, Beowulf and his companions began to fortify the hall against the dangers of Grendal, a monster that they intended to lure in and slay. Beowulf, aware of the brutality of the previous acts, committed to not sleeping the entire night so that he might keep watch on his men. With preparations finished and the fires now but a warm glow, his men lay down in the various benches to get some rest before the fight. A silence fell over the hall

Reading, Week 12

Reading Notes: Beowulf Part 2

cave by Judith from flickr Grendel's description is kinda weird. It says that he looks human but not, basically. It's a very interesting way to describe him. A lot of the picture depictions in the reading show him having hair but the story makes it sound like he is covered in scales which honestly makes more sense seeing as how his mother lives underwater. I'm sure it's just a translation thing but the statement, "Grendel's monster-mother, avenging her monster-son." is just so funny to me. Beowulf being able to swim and fight under water is great. I can barely h

Reading, Week 12

Reading Notes: Beowulf Part 1

beowulf by Edward Badley from flickr Beowulf is a story I've heard of before and I know a the basic premise with Grendel and his mother but I've never really heard about this first half. One of the things that I found funny was the wanderer's song with I'd almost bet was actually sung at one point but was then just summarized by a storyteller that was no good at singing. It's really interesting to have the background to this tale. I would never though a "place of honor" could be at someone's feet. That's typically a place of humility or shame. And of course Beowulf has