Story, Week 13

Week 13 Story: The Misunderstanding

Elevators by Peter Fiskerstrand from flickr Kathryn skipped down the sidewalk. Her head was filled with the thoughts of her marriage ceremony last week. She had just married the love of her life, Jacob. In fact, she was on her way to see him right now. One of her clients at work had canceled, and Kathryn had found herself with a lot of extra time. She had decided to make a lunch for her and Jacob to enjoy on his lunch break. She arrived at the building and made for the elevator. After she had entered, a man quickly joined her as the doors were closing. "Sorry, sorry," t

Reading, Week 13

Reading Notes: Canterbury Tales Part 1

Water meets rock by Paul Nadin from flickr These tales were very interesting. I really wasn't sure I was gonna like The Promise of Dorigen, but it turned out to be a very interesting tale. I didn't expect the squire to just give up and send her back to her love. While it's definitely messed up that he tried to trick her in the first place, I think the ending is nice as you get to see the magician take pity on him and clear him of debt. Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: Myth-Folklore Unit: Canterbury Tales