Microfiction, Week 15

Microfiction: Creation Stories

Sun and Moon on Sandy Canvas by Carol VanHook from flickr Light's Creation: Lizen, god of light, set about his task of creating life. "Life should be filled with creativity," he thought. Lizen reached into the depths of the earth and pulled from it a piece of its heart. From this, he created a race that was skilled in many crafts and arts and gave them a home in the mountains where they could prosper. Then Lizen thought, "Life should be strong-willed." He looked to the forests, with trees that stood tall, and carved a race from the trees. This race was skilled at

Reading, Week 15

Extra Credit Reading Notes: Crash Course Mythology Overview

Link by cross-stitch ninja from flickr This was a very interesting dive into mythology. Learning about the different types of mythologies was a lot of fun! Learning through a video was a great way for me to comprehend a rather broad overview. I'm pretty sure I'm an auditory learner. I agree that hero stories are an important section of mythology even though they aren't about the gods all the time. Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: Crash Course Myth: Overview of Mythology (mythfolklore.blogspot.com)

Reading, Week 15

Reading Notes: Ashliman Part 2

Death by Andrea Kirkby from flickr I really like the fairytale moral style. Death's Messages was my favorite story in this part. I knew something was up when I read that Death said he would send messengers. Sure enough, he wasn't talking about literal messengers but actually disease and sleep and the like. Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: Myth-Folklore Unit: Brothers Grimm (Ashliman) (mythfolklore.blogspot.com)

Reading, Week 15

Reading Notes: Ashliman Part 1

Raven by Alexandra MacKenzie from flickr I really enjoyed these tales. My favorite one was The Seven Ravens. I just really like how dedicated the sister was to finding where her brothers were and rescuing them. I'm not quite sure how her being there turned them back, but it's a heartwarming scene all the same. Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: Myth-Folklore Unit: Brothers Grimm (Ashliman) (mythfolklore.blogspot.com)