Project, Week 2

Topic Brainstorm

Youkai by Chie Gondo from flickr Beowulf is a tale that I might be interested in doing my project over. I like the aspect of the great hero that conquers unthinkable odds. Like mentioned in the project ideas for Beowulf it's already broken into three parts which would make an easy transition into a storybook format for this class. I don't have too much knowledge of the story other than the basic overview of the different parts. I was thinking about maybe telling the story from a first person perspective of a follower or a third person perspective with a campfire story t

Reading, Week 2

Week 2 Reading Overview

Image from the Mythology and Folklore Un-Textbook Week 3: Ovid's Metamorphoses  Week 4: Gospel of Mark Week 5: Twenty-Two Goblins  Week 6: Sindbad Week 7: The Monkey King Week 9: Ozaki Week 10: Cherokee Week 11: Alaska Week 12: Beowulf Week 13: Canterbury Tales Week 14: Inferno Week 15: Ashliman I'm excited to read some of the stories I've selected for this semester. Sindbad and Beowulf are stories that I've wanted to read for a while now. They are tales that I've heard bits and pieces of but never fully read. I chose the image bec