Reading, Week 7

Extra Credit Reading Notes for the Gospel of Mark Part 1

Bible by jesusnameupc from flickr For this reading, I chose to use the New International Version since it's easier to read. I really enjoyed the parables told by Jesus for the most part. We see him bumping heads with the Pharisees about the differing beliefs of the Abrahamic faith and Christianity. It's also interesting that this is only one of the four tellings of what occurred. I was surprised at just how many demons and spirits were exercised by Jesus in these chapters. I can't imagine being possessed by 2000 demons like that guy who Jesus freed. Mark 1 | NIV Bib

Learning Challenge, Week 7

Learning Challenge: Health Article on Sleep

Sleep by Kseast from flickr Reading the article on sleep, it was interesting to find out that after 20 hours awake your brain functions at the same level as if you were legally drunk. I was shocked by the statistic that 1 in 4 people don't graduate. It seems reasonable, it's just quantifying it is very ominous. While I think that some of the recommendations on this list are great ideas to implement, such as not drinking caffeine before bedtime, some are just unrealistic for college students who are also working jobs. Keeping a consistent sleep schedule and not staying u

Reading, Week 7

Reading Notes Monkey King Part 1

perropicante by DSC_0125 from flickr It's really interesting to learn how the Monkey King recieved his powers. I've heard about a few of his accomplishments but seeing that he went through years of training was interesting. I had always assumed that he was born that way. I really liked that despite all the training he received in manners and acting human-like he was still a monkey at heart that liked to goof off. Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: Myth-Folklore Unit: The Monkey King Sun Wu Kung