foggy by Sam from flickr

Once again we see the concept of animals being able to take off their skins and become human-like. I love it!

I also really liked the tales of the ghost land and the land of the dead. Some of my favorite mythology is the ones that deal with the afterlife. In the land of the dead story, we follow a woman who has died and learn what happens to us right after we pass on; we’re led by the last person we thought of to where our ancestors are. It was also nice to see the reference to ancestral sacrifices is what sustains them in the afterlife.

In the ghost land story, we see a common tale of a lover traveling to the land of the dead to take back their late companion. However, this time was different. The man actually succeeds at bringing back his wife, and though no one can see her, she remains with him till his death, after which they both return to the ghost land. While it appears to me that it happened very soon after his return, the story doesn’t give a definite answer. I personally hold the belief that they were together for a while in a rare and unusual tale of a love that extends beyond the reaches of death.

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