Global Business Innovation Conversations by Matt Houston from flickr

When reading the article Silence the Critics in Your Head, I found myself agreeing with a lot of what the author was saying. I think that a lot of good people can focus only on the negative aspects of themselves and that can hold them back from what they do well. I also think that it’s important to maintain a constant goal of improvement of your negative qualities as well. While it’s great to keep yourself positive and understand that there are things that you are doing right, you shouldn’t let that soften you from fixing your issues. If people are complimenting you for a specific aspect, as well as informing you of a different issue that needs to be improved, it’s not the positive aspect you should be trying to improve but the negative one. The positive is already in a good place.

The second article I read was A Fixed Mindset Could Be Holding You Back — Here’s How to Change It. I definitely agree with this article. It is dangerous to the mental health of children to constantly shower them with nothing but praise. When working on a project it’s important to know your limitations and to be able to ask for help from others when needed. Also, when new changes come to your workplace it’s important to be capable of accepting them and not falling into an enclosed mindset where it’s your way or the highway.

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