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The first storybook I looked at was “Legend of the Monkey King” by Adrian. I love the story of the Monkey King and the intro really has me excited to see Adrian’s take on the story, especially after reading that they had incorporated the Terracotta Army into the story.

The second storybook I looked at was “The Baba Yagas’ Gifts” by Natalie M. I have heard about Baba Yaga through a Pathfinder campaign that I ran, but I’m not too aware of her origins. The way Natalie starts off her introduction with the strange dialog between the multiple Baba Yagas left me wondering how many there were. It was a great hook.

The third storybook I looked at was “The Coyote” by Levi. I love the different stories about the mischievous coyote from Native American folklore. The title of the first story made me click it right away. I love the concept of having a modern food be introduced to these stories. Seeing coyote go all out for the chicken-fried steaks and allowed all animals to try the wonder that is chicken-fried steak.

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