Sun and Moon on Sandy Canvas by Carol VanHook from flickr

Light’s Creation:

Lizen, god of light, set about his task of creating life. “Life should be filled with creativity,” he thought. Lizen reached into the depths of the earth and pulled from it a piece of its heart. From this, he created a race that was skilled in many crafts and arts and gave them a home in the mountains where they could prosper.

Then Lizen thought, “Life should be strong-willed.” He looked to the forests, with trees that stood tall, and carved a race from the trees. This race was skilled at philosophy and arts of the mind. He let them stay in the forest where they could thrive.

Dark’s Creation:

Node, god of darkness, saw Lizen’s creations and decided to make her own. “Life should be bountiful,” she thought. Node took from the vast sea to create a race that could survive in almost any environment. She gave them a home in the plains so that they could grow.

Then Node thought, “Life should be sturdy.” She took the elemental flames to create another race. This race was hearty and skilled at diplomacy. Node gave them the tundra so they could hunt.

These stories are of my own creation!

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