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Beowulf is a tale that I might be interested in doing my project over. I like the aspect of the great hero that conquers unthinkable odds. Like mentioned in the project ideas for Beowulf it’s already broken into three parts which would make an easy transition into a storybook format for this class. I don’t have too much knowledge of the story other than the basic overview of the different parts. I was thinking about maybe telling the story from a first person perspective of a follower or a third person perspective with a campfire story telling vibe. The Story of Beowulf Index (

I really love the paranormal and love learning about different cultures’ explanations for what makes the bumps at night. That’s what made me want to look at Japanese Ghost Stories as a possible topic. While I haven’t decided on a firm three stories quite yet, I was looking at The Chrysanthemum Hermit (, The Snow Ghost (, and A Story of Oki Islands ( I’m thinking about writing it like a cautionary tale. Thr Chrysanthemum Hermit may not really work for that though.

I also looked at Norse mythology with the Heroes of Asgard. I don’t really have any knowledge of Norse mythology outside that of Marvel super hero movies, so it would be interesting to dive into the lore behind Thor and his companions. I would probably break one chapter into three different parts. I could use chapter 4 or 7 since they naturally have 3 different parts. Freebookapalooza: Keary. Heroes of Asgard

When scrolling through the different topics one popped out at me as odd. I had never really even thought about Australian Mythology before. Looking at the Australian Legendary Tales, I was fascinated by the similarities to Native American folklore with the use of animals as characters. There are many tales that sparked my interest such as Bootoolgah the Crane and Goonur the Kangaroo Rat, the Fire Makers and I think it might be interesting to tell these in a first person perspective from one of the characters

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