Image from the Mythology and Folklore Un-Textbook

Week 3: Ovid’s Metamorphoses 

Week 4: Gospel of Mark

Week 5: Twenty-Two Goblins 

Week 6: Sindbad

Week 7: The Monkey King

Week 9: Ozaki

Week 10: Cherokee

Week 11: Alaska

Week 12: Beowulf

Week 13: Canterbury Tales

Week 14: Inferno

Week 15: Ashliman

I’m excited to read some of the stories I’ve selected for this semester. Sindbad and Beowulf are stories that I’ve wanted to read for a while now. They are tales that I’ve heard bits and pieces of but never fully read.

I chose the image because I love the tales of Lancelot and the Camelot tales in general.

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